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Digital & Copyright Consultant

Introductions to Our Digital & Copyright Consultancy Division

Meshi Creations Private Limited is the world's publicly-traded major music company and comprises an array of businesses aimed at helping artists , music directors , writers , composers & Music labels  achieve long-term creative and financial success while providing consumers with the highest-quality music content available. we offer content owners and licensors a suite of custom marketing services, including promotions, analytical tools, business strategies, and the technology. We specializes in content aggregating, Content Marketing , Content Promotions , Mechanical Rights Administration , Royalty collections & Content Distribution.

At Meshi we focus to administrate our clients content to all possible Digital Music Stores across the world and we also license content for mechanical rights, synchronization rights & Public Performance Usage in the world. Our associations with almost all the copyright societies in the world and our partners from UK , Australia ,Austria , America & Canada gives us the strength to distribute the content effectively and efficiently to Radio Stations , TV Channels , Music Stores , Telecom Operators , Video Distribution Platforms and on almost all legal platforms selling Audio & Video Content throughout the world.

    Our constant focus on monitoring the content and innovating new business models allows our music to be placed on top of digital Global space

    At Meshi we offer artists and labels a comprehensive suite of copyright and publishing administration and global sub-publishing services, including the collection of worldwide royalty payments and licensing administration.

    Direct Association with many copyright societies of the world like PPL India , PPL UK , PRS UK etc and with the major digital distribution companies in Australia , America , Canada & United Kingdom.

    Backed by secure and scalable technology makes us compatible to sell RBT , RT , WAP & 3G services across the world.

    Meshi Creations is constantly focusing on selling the music on digital platforms like I tunes , E music , Amazon , You Tube ,Saavn, Wynk & MIX Radio to name few .

    Throughout the world, performance royalties are earned not only for compositions, but also for master recordings. At Meshi we provides a consolidated global solution for the collection of these Sound Recording Performance Rights from all worldwide societies.

    We offer a detailed sales reporting which includes track by track information of the content usage country wise which is transparent & easy to read

    On time Royalties distribution is the upmost priority at Meshi.